Sunday, May 14, 2017

Things My Mom Is

This post, seeing that it is Mother's Day, is for my dear mother.  Here is a list of things my mom is.
My mom is . . . .

1. Capable--If there was one word to describe my mom, it is capable.  She is superwoman because she can do anything.  She can write a play, direct a play, do the billing for my dad's business, get the house clean, plan a trip, make the most delicious meal, and go on a walk with her family. . . somehow all at the same time.  And she doesn't really get too stressed very often with all the organizing and planning and doing that she does.  She just does it, quickly, happily, and so well.

2.  Christlike--My mom loves her family with the purest, most real love of Christ.  She is so quick to sacrifice for her children and give them everything that she thinks they need, which is a lot.  She knows every little detail of our lives and wants to help us be successful.  She is such a devoted mother and such a wonderful disciple of Jesus Christ.

3.  My Anchor--I have so many big, crazy dreams and ideas for my life . . . just like my dad does.  We get these ideas but mom is the one who really makes them work.  She pays attention to all the details, and she loves it!  She's the queen of writing lists and making sure every little aspect of something is taken care of.

4.  My Friend--My mom is so fun to be around!  My sisters and my mom are my favorite group to go shopping with.  We love Black Friday and just have so much fun.  Just this weekend, we were all stuck in the car together driving to watch Liberty's track meet in Carson City.  We decided to play the "Conversation Game" which my mom has taught us.  We take turns asking a question and all answering it.  It could be whatever you want, from "If you could describe your life in a song, what would it be?" to "If you had to move to a foreign country where would it be?".  And we just have so much fun together.  This is mostly because of my mom's example.

5.  My Teacher--I'm so grateful that I had the years that I did with my mom as my school teacher.  She is smart and so good at explaining and teaching.  She has taught me a lot through her words and even more through her actions.  I want to be a teacher, a lot because of her.  She is good at leaving people better than she found them.

Well, I better finish this.  I need to go help make the Mother's Day breakfast of strawberry waffles.  But I just want the whole world to know how much I love my mom!

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing mothers that have mothered me in my life.  Mother's day might be my favorite day to go on Facebook, seeing everyone's great posts about their moms.  They are the glue that keep the world together.

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