Sunday, March 5, 2017

School, Temple, Life Choices, and a Flapper Dance

Kia Ora!!!!

It's March.  I can't believe it! :D  I will be 21 years old in less than a month.  I feel like when you turn 18 it's like practice adulthood, but then when you get to be 21, it's like completely real.  I've been feeling that this week.  Haha I'm such a planner and all of a sudden I have to choose where to live next year, who to live with, what classes to take, if I want to be crazy and transfer to BYU Hawaii for a semester or what?  The other day Carolina called me in such a dither.  She said that she just couldn't decide if she should go to the church ball game at the church and play with Raven there or if she should stay home and be with Dad and watch a movie with Raven.  It was a huge, hard question in her life.  I don't remember what she decided, but it hit me to see how she is so much like me . . . worried about making the wrong decision.  But now my decisions matter a lot more than going to a church ball game or not.

This Wednesday, Hannah had to work and I just was just dying to go to the temple.  I decided to walk there myself and just go.  It was a beautiful day and it was nice to walk.  Then standing outside the temple was this kid from my family history.  He wasn't going in, but just thinking.  He said he was trying to figure out what music major he wanted to try to be.  We talked about the joys and discomforts of being grown up and making decisions and then I went in and did initiatory, then I was able to go sit in the celestial room and pray.  For some reason, maybe because I was just so eager to have a spiritual experience and willing to listen, I had the most wonderful experience in the temple.  I was in tears most of the time (which doesn't usually happen) and I just felt God's love so strongly!  I just knew that he was there for me and so real.  Even if I don't know the answers to all my questions in life, I just felt Heavenly Father telling me it was going to be alright.  I was so grateful as I came out  the temple doors.  The sunset was still faintly visible in darkening Provo and I felt so much peace as I walked home.

This week was also another good old school week.  Lots of studying, classes, and such.  Something that was really exciting was my singing.  When I was at my voice language lab, it was my turn to sing for everyone.  Then Dr. Babidge (who is a wonderful, blessed soul and a voice teacher at BYU from England) will critique us just like my normal voice teacher (Mindy Ammons) does at my voice lesson and my group voice lesson.  We get lots of opportunities to sing around here. ;D  Anyway, Dr. Babidge told me I just need to open my mouth more, especially in the back between my molars.  He said that I have a lot bigger of a voice that I'm not letting out as much as I could.  So I tried it a couple of times and finally got it!  It just all clicked and just floated and was so great.  Everyone freaked out and got all excited.  Then these two guys who major in vocal performance came up to me after and told me that I just have to try for vocal performance because I could make it!  They said that I would be one of the very best of the first year vocal performance kids and that I have so much potential and could make it as a singer and whatnot.  I don't know if I will do that but it was still really exciting to hear that.  After the class I went straight home to practice and open my mouth more.  I'm excited though because I finally have all my songs completely memorized for juries-- one in German, one in French, one in Italian, and four in English.  Juries is where the whole voice faculty listens to you sing two of your songs and grades you on them.  So that's exciting!

This weekend was really fun!  Desi and I went to the Music Dance Theater show together and then I went to a movie night at Hannah's friend from home's apartment.  Then yesterday I went to the Heritage 20s Flapper Dance with some girls on my floor.  We had a good group from our ward and it was so fun!  It was really, really fancy and well done.  There was a limo ride, all this food, crafts to make a flapper headband, and a photo booth.  It was great!

Then today was wonderful.  I wore my puletasi and everyone loved it! :D  I have a really good ward. Then Hannah and I went on an adventure to Layton.  We went to her great aunt and uncle's house.  They are so cute!  They told us his conversion story/how they met and they were so funny!  Then it was a blizzard coming home and it took us like almost two hours to get back to BYU.  And we begged blessed Deseret to come pick us up because all the parking by the Marriott Center was full and I didn't even have a coat.  So we had to park at the outer reaches of the stadium parking lot and ride with Desi.  So now we are here working on our family history.

Life is good!  And I can't believe it's March!


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  1. Are you going to try for vocal performance? You are so amazing. I can't wait to hear you at the Women's Session of Conference!