Sunday, February 26, 2017

Zip-lining, Scriptures, Tests, and Living Legends

Kia Ora!!!!

I love saying that! :D  I just always think about going back to New Zealand!  I am trying to plan all the days and when we're going where and such.  If any of you kiwis reading this have any great ideas or recommendations, let me know!  We will just be in the North Island.

But it was a good week although it was really intense!  Monday was the day of all the days.  I can't believe that was this week.  It feels so long ago already.  But it was Presidents Day and it was SUCH an appreciated break.  But we did what all self-respecting college kid would do on a holiday and didn't do any homework.  Instead we went zip-lining!  I just feel cool saying that. Haha But it was so fun.  My Uncle Jonathan built it and it is wonderful. We went on a group date.  We had four couples: Desi and her friend Emma and their dates from their ward, Hannah and Carson (her friend from home) and me and this guy in my ward, Danny.  He is Peruvian and really great.  But we had HEAPS of fun.  It was way scary but so worth it.  It was all one continuous course with 11 zip-lines and 7 bridges (which are really scary. . .it feels like you're tightrope walking).  But on the longest zip-line (which is apparently the longest zip-line over water in the world) the wind was blowing really hard and it turned me around and I grazed my arm on the zip-line in front of me which they said was 60 miles an hour.  So I got this huge, ugly burn on my arm.  It hurt in the moment but now it is my battle wound.  Everyone asks me what happened and I feel cool telling them I was zip-lining.

Anyway, after Monday, this week was a lot of business and school and work and studying and singing.  It's so nice to be done with my piano class though.  I've been really focusing on my songs for my voice lessons.  At the end of the semester we have to do juries, so we will sing our songs for all the voice faculty and they will grade us. I'm nervous but it is so good for me!  I'd rather sing in front of a million regular people than the BYU voice faculty, because they really know!

I took some tests this week and have another tomorrow so I've been busy with that.  Also this week on Tuesday, Thelma and Braeden came and picked us up and we went to the Payson temple together. It was SO great.  I love that temple.  It is so beautiful.  I've narrowed it down.  I'm either getting married in New Zealand or Payson. :P  It was so fun to be in the temple with Braeden (my cousin).  He's such a good kid!  I'm excited that we'll be in the same ward next year.  I just love feeling the spirit and the power of the temple each week. It never seems to go away.

Another huge spiritual blessing this week was my scripture study.  I don't know if I said this last week, but our Stake President talked about reading our scriptures for 30 minutes a day, before the day's work.  So I (the extreme night owl) have been doing that.  I've been going to bed a little earlier and getting up in time to read my scriptures for half an hour every morning.  And oh my goodness, I love it!  It is making a huge difference for me already.  I failed on it this weekend, but I'm going to keep working on it.

I worked Wednesday and Friday nights and also on Saturday.  I'm starting to really like my job . . .well you know, as much as a minimum wage job can be liked. (I wouldn't go if I didn't get paid, if that makes sense.)  But I'm getting to really know what I'm doing . . . most the time.  And after sitting and studying for hours, it so good to get out and talk to people.  The extrovert in me appreciates that!

Then last night was super fun!  Desi and I went to Living Legends and it was SOOO good!  I missed my mission so much, my heart hurt.  It was so, so fun to see and hear all the island dances especially. I cried during the Maori one and again at the end.  I just love Polynesia.  Then we came to back to my apartment and watched "She's the Man" with Hannah and her "mutual" date.  So that was fun!

Then today I got up early and went with Matthew Virgin and Emily Jones to Katie Gneiting's mission homecoming (high school friends).  We had the greatest time and then went to their house afterward.  The Hatches were all there and it was great to be with them all.  Even though we are so old now (all return missionaries, some engaged) those Spring Creek kids still crack me up!

But the sun is shining and we are going to the Davises soon, so life is wonderful.

Love you all!

Clarissa :D

Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Happenings

Kia Ora!!!

So I know I am the worst and having even written for two weeks.  Well here is the first half of the post I was trying to write two weeks ago:

This week was pretty hardcore.  Hannah and I were both very grateful when the weekend came around.  It's interesting.  I love almost all the things I do with my life, but I just don't quite have time to do them all and so I'm always rushing around and trying to get things done.  My one weakness is socializing.  It's just like on my mission when I would be SO good at not wasting time until we went to a meeting or something with other missionaries.  Then I'd really have to force myself to keep going and do productive things.  That's how I am now.  But it was a really good week.  But this weekend has been SO warm and that pretty much makes my whole life.  As you know, the weather sure affects my mood.

Anyway, Monday was the blessed FHE.  We are getting a new FHE group next week that we're all really excited about but this week was the last week with our old group.  No one in our room said they had time to go except Janelle (because she's the FHE leader/mom/person).  So of course I had to go with her.  We went bowling at the Wilk (it was my idea, but I don't know why because I'm TERRIBLE at bowling).  But it was crazy!  It was Janelle, five boys, and me, and everyone was bad at bowling!  I came in second.  I couldn't believe it!  But that was an adventure

Tuesday was the exciting singing-at-devotional day!  I wore my black dress to school and then had to miss Family History to get to call time and warm up and all that jazz.  It was so fun!  The camera was totally a disappointment.  We just stood on the floor in the Marriott and the camera pretty much only showed the front row of men.  But I guess it's the sound that counts!

Wednesday Hannah and I went to the temple with her friend from home, Carson.  We had a really good time and then went to Costa Vida which is always the best.  We were back in time for me to work at the Creamery, which I'm getting better and better at, so that's exciting!

Ok, that's the end of what I wrote two weeks ago:

Now for this week, it was actually really, really good!  I studied and studied for my Music 202 test so that was a lot of my week.  Then I only got an 84% on it which was the worst.  This BYU life is really hardcore.  Monday, FHE was so fun!  I am starting to really, really love my ward and I know so many people now.  Still though, so many girls will come talk to me and say my name and I won't know/remember theirs.  But I'm new so I guess it's a little more ok.

Tuesday was Valentine's Day and you know BYU.  It was very lovey affair and I wondered why I didn't have a valentine.  But then I went to choir and we sang one of our songs for General Conference, "I Feel My Savior's Love", and I realized how selfish I was.  My blessed Relief Society President, Lexi, wrote personalized valentine notes to everyone in our Relief Society and another FHE group heart attacked all the doors on our floor.  Then the men of Concert Choir made this adorable video about how much they love the women of Concert Choir.  I just love choir.  We are singing pretty hard songs, but I just love working really hard and improving and singing together.  It's my release every day!

Wednesday was exciting because we decided that . . . . . . . . .we are going to New Zealand in June!!!! It was my idea of course.  I will be very poor because it but I am so, so, so excited.  We are coming for two weeks (well Desi and I).  Then Mom and my other sisters will join us after a week.  So that's kind of all I even think of.

Thursday was Hannah's birthday!  Happy 21!  It was a marathon Thursday.  Back in Welcome Bay we had marathon Sundays.  Now I have marathon Thursdays.  I have so many classes and an evening class.  But . . .  I have gone way ahead and this week I FINISHED my piano fundamentals class.  I got an A and now I don't even need to go to class anymore.  Hooray for being able to play the piano!  But anyway, that night was the surprise party.  I was all excited like a month ago when I got the idea to throw Hannah a surprise party but then I was all worried that it would all work out, that people would come, that it would be fun.  Well, it totally worked out!  I took Hannah to dinner but before I did, I accidentally left my phone in the bathroom on the first floor of our building and then the office people found it and put it in the office.  Well then no one was at the office and we were trying to get it.  But then I knew that Desi would be coming to decorate any time so we really needed to just go.  So I was sneakily texting Desi off Hannah's phone.  But we got their and all the lights were off and we came in.  Desi and Lexi had done such a good job!  It was all cutely decorated and there was good food.  I ordered an ice-cream cake from the blessed Creamery and it was so good.  And quite a few people came and we played games and really had fun.  I was so pleased with it!

Then Friday I worked closing at the creamery and again from 4-8 on Saturday.  Oh my goodness!  Weekends are BUSY at that place.  I really like my job though.  It's fun to talk to everyone, but sometimes it gets really crazy and long.  Anyway, then Saturday morning Dad picked me up and we were off to the temple.

Desi went through to receive her endowments and it was just such a wonderful time!  We had so many people from both sides of the family!  I am so blessed to have the most amazing family!  We ate at Pizza Pie Cafe and then went and saw the Davises . . .and Braeden!  He's my cousin and he had surgery so he's home from his mission for two weeks before he goes back!  I just love him.  Having a fellow missionary serving in your family means so much.

Then after work last night I got to see  . . . . . .Sister Green and Sister Page from my mission.  Sister Green is going to Utah State and Sister Page is visiting from Australia.  They were about to head back to Bountiful to Sister Green's house, but they came to my dorm and it was SOOO fun to get to talk with them for a few minutes.  Then the girls across the hall were having another birthday party for their roommate.  It was so fun!

Then today was crazy!  I went to sleep at two and then set the alarm for 10:30.  I thought for sure that I'd wake up before that on my own but I just wanted to make sure.  Anyway, I wake up and the alarm hadn't gone off and then I look at the clock and it's 12:08.  And my church is at 12:40!  So I wait for the bathroom to be free and take a shower and eat my granola bar and my banana as I walk.  Well I walk in and bishop is saying, "Kenton isn't here.  Can anybody play the piano for us?"  I look around and no one.  So I kind of raise my hand and go up there and play.  I was all flustered from being late and nervous, but I did pretty well.  Bishop came and hugged me afterwards and heaps of people told me how great I had been to volunteer and play.  But it was our ward conference and it was so good!!! I felt spiritual smashed by our Stake President in Relief Society.  He talked about scripture study and I realized just how different my study is now to how it was on my mission.  I am committing to reading for 30 minutes every day in the MORNING!  I always have good scripture studies but they are always pretty short and like always after midnight.  So I am going to improve and repent!

But I had the BEST time at the Davises.  I just feel like I am home there. :D  We had a feast and played our codename game. Then we had a lovely ward prayer and I hung out with a group from my ward.  I really have a fun ward and I'm really getting to know everyone.

But tomorrow I am going zip lining!  Desi and her friend where going on a date and asking guys.  I said I wanted to come so I asking this guy named Danny in my ward and Hannah is going with Carson.  I'm real excited!  Hooray for three-day weekends.

But I love you all!  Kia Kaha!