Sunday, October 23, 2016

News from New Zealand!

Kia Ora!

So there's this magical, beautiful place with white sandy beaches and sparkling blue water and the weather is so perfect!  That place is Tauranga in October. :D  It's been amazing weather and it's been so fun.  The weather affects my mood, let me tell you!  Last Monday we hiked the Mount again.  I love it!  It was actually way hot though so that was crazy.  Then we had a high quality FHE/MCM with the Paamas and the Elders.  I sure love our Mount Ward mission team.

Tuesday we had rescue visits with us six missionaries.  We had six members out with us so we all split and had wonderful visits!  I sure love our Welcome Bay Ward mission team. (Except we don't have a ward mission leader at the moment.  Isaac is going to wander New Zealand with him mission friend in his green camper van so we are loners for now.)  We also FINALLY got our car fixed and it was the happiest day of my life.  Our car no longer makes any abnormal noises.

Wednesday we went on exchanges with the Te Puke sisters.  I went with Sister Reynolds.  She is so cool!  Her and Sister Lewis are both such country girls and they were so meant to be companions!  But we had a wonderful time and smashed the less active visits. We have so many wonderful less actives who are coming back to church.  It's really exciting.  We visited one though.  She's wonderful and 19 years old but after our great, spiritual lesson she said "Oh and I wanted to tell you.  I loved that scripture that you shared last time (Joshua 1:9) so much that I decided to get it as a tattoo!"  We didn't know what to say to that .  But other than that, she is doing great!

Chasidy is also doing great.  I just put so much mental energy into these people that I serve.  Alan and Caroline were gone to Rarotonga (is that how you spell that) all week and Sharee was gone for the long weekend (Labor Weekend here).  But I had such good talks with Sister Reynolds. I just always love exchanges.

Thursday we had interviews with President Cummings.  I woke up that morning and I just really felt like there was something that I needed to learn from interviews so I really went seeking.  I LOVE that man!  He is so inspired and good and kind.  It was a long interview and we just talked about everything.  I told him that I never want my mission to end and he said that it doesn't.  He said that everything that makes me successful here I can continue to do at home.  I will keep planning, studying, praying, serving others, and following the Spirit, so my mission will never end.  For some reason that really gave me a lot of comfort.  The gospel is perfect!  I just want to serve the Lord for the rest of my life and I get to.  It's amazing how my mission has changed me so much.  It's even changed my desires.  And I can just keep changing.

He also told me that if I can feel comfortable with my work at the end of each day I can know that God is pleased with me.  So like this week we had pretty low key indicators but I asked myself if I'd given my all this week and I realized that I had.  And I felt peace and comfort.  I feel like I'm getting to know my Heavenly Father better and better. 

Friday we had a cool miracle!  Brother Preston (who reminds me of you, Dad, in his missionary work/service habits) had another great referral for us!  Her name is Angela, she's a chiropractic client, and she's really keen to hear the gospel.  Hopefully that will go well.

Saturday was a crazy, crazy, crazy Sister Training Leader adventure day.  President called at like 12 and told me that I was going to be helping with an emergency transfer of some sisters.  So I ended up driving a sister up to Hamilton and bringing another sister back.  It was really an emotional thing and my heart really went out to all the sisters involved.  I just love them so.  But the place we were dropping them was . . . none other than Hamilton East!!!  So I got to see my old flat and stomping grounds and I got permission to go visit Auntie Kei and Ripeka again!  They are doing well.  It was so interesting to be there because lots has changed.  I talked to Brother Tichborne on the phone though and he's just the same.  He answered, "Captain, what's happening?"  I asked, "Do you know who this is?"  He said, "Of course I do.  There is only one Sister Johnson."  Well there is also only one Brother Tichborne.  But the wards changed boundaries and so now he is Ward Mission Leader in Claudelands Ward.  I realized that I was there almost a year ago.  Time just flies and before you know it, things will be different and life the way it is will just be a memory.  But it's also exciting.  Change is exciting.  But I learned a lot. 

And finally, yesterday was our musical number!  Elder Tahiata and I sang this song Bishop Crawford found for us, "My Soul Hungered".  It's a really good song and we harmonized.  I played the piano and he turned the pages and we both sang for both wards.  In Welcome Bay he was so nervous and dropped one of the pages.  Luckily it was on a long note so he hurried and picked it up and we kept going.  I just love music with all my heart.  It was so fun.

But it was a great week!  I love you all. :D  Do missionary work this week and you will be happy.

Sister Clarissa Johnson

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