Sunday, October 30, 2016

Preaching in Paradise

Kia Ora Whanau,

It's been a week!  Mostly it's been such a beautiful week.  We are to that magical time of year in New Zealand where it's the perfect temperature and the sky is so blue and the clouds are so long and white. ("Aoteroa" is "New Zealand" in Mauri and it means "Land of the Long White Cloud".  There are flowers everywhere that all smell so good.  The ocean is beautiful and it just feels so good to be outside.  Last Monday we did a lot of driving of sisters so we didn't have too much time, but we frolicked on the beach and then had dinner with our dearest Sister Rudo and Sister Leath.  I love how it is fun to be with people of all different ages and be their friend.

This week I went on exchanges with the Otumoetai Sisters.  And tenderest mercy ever:  they got a car!  They have a huge, spread out, super hilly area, so that was wonderful.  I went with Sister Tufariua and had the best time.  She is the sweetest person.  I loved her in the MTC and now we are serving together.  She's from Tahiti!  But we had a good exchange and ate at Brother Kohu's.  Brother Kohu is one of the star missionaries of Tauranga.  He gave me the words of Savior Redeemer of My Soul in Mauri.  I'm really excited to learn it.  We got to go to choir practice on that exchange and it was so fun!  It's the marae choir and it's full of Maoris with great big voices.  They don't worry too much about blending but they are really good at harmonizing.  I loved it!  When I got back with Sister Welker we went straight to the Rikihanas (family in the Mount Ward) to do service.  It was a beautiful day and I hadn't done yard work for ages.  We pulled weeds in the hot sun and I just enjoyed it so much.  They had these shovel/spade things and I was SOO fast!  I pride myself on my strong manual labor on my mission.  I must have got that from my dad.  But that night we also had a cottage evening. We gave the lesson and did the same one we did at a different cottage evening (it was all different people).  We played picture telephone and then related it to the apostasy and restoration.  Then we had everyone share how the restoration affects their lives.  It was really spiritual and good.  Then they had us all play Mafia.  It was really fun but really the worst because I get so competitive and then no one even listens to Elder Tahiata and I even though we are telling the truth.  They killed us and eventually the mafia.  But it was alright.

So this week we kind of realized that many of our investigators are working through different things and just need steady support, even when their progress is slower.  It's so good for me to remember that everyone has their own individual path and timing.  Sometimes I need to remember that Heavenly Father's timing is perfect even if I have to be patient.  I just want everyone to have the blessings of the gospel today!  But we have been focusing on finding new investigators and we've had heaps of success, which kind of never happens!  We were talking to people on the beach by the Mount one day, which we haven't tried here yet.  But we randomly walked up to a woman and introduced ourselves.  She told us that she is a less-active member from Auckland and Brother Waetford (Welcome Bay High Counselor over missionary work) is her uncle.  We started teaching and testifying that God is still mindful of her, she started crying.  She said that us seeing her that day was a sign that she needs to come back.  We are sending her details to the sisters in Auckland so they can visit her.  It was just so cool that out of all the days and times and people we could have talked to, we met her.  Heavenly Father definitely knows!

Also, Bishop Crawford told us to visit this family in the Mount Ward.  We went and their cousin/nephew was there.  He's 17 and has been to church with them a few times.  We offered to come back and visit his family and we invited him to church.  Well he didn't come because he unexpectedly had to work, but his mom and sister and cousin all came and are excited for us to start teaching them.  It was a miracle!

We've also been working with Chasidy a lot.  I would just do anything in the world for that girl.  We are trying to help her find a job.  She's been working construction a little bit but it's really crazy, hard hours with Arepa.  She is so brave!  We had a trunk-or-treat in Welcome Bay and she came and she also came to church, even with just two hours of sleep!  She has tenacity if anyone does.  We dressed up as well and it was so fun!  I was Cruella Devil but you couldn't really tell.  I looked a little awkward but it was still fun.  Sister Lewis tried to rat my hair to make it big, but it didn't really work.  Sister Welker was Repunzel and looked great and wore purple and made a flower chain for her hair and had a frying pan.  It was great!  While we were there we met Sister Gudgeon.  She had just gotten home from her mission in Brazil the day before.  All my dear missionary friends that have served in Gisborne talk about the amazing Gudgeon family.  Well they used to live in Welcome Bay so they were there.  It was really cool to meet her and talk with her.  Then the next day we took her out teaching with us.  I could just tell that she was a really, really amazing missionary!  She talked with everyone and I think she was surprized at the rejection rate.  She said that it was rare for someone to say no to them!  That's South America for you.  After this week, I have a new goal/commitment to talk with everyone extra diligently for the rest of my mission!

Yesterday, the Prestons spoke in church and it was kind of their final talks before they move back to the states.  I just love that family with all my heart and soul.  They all cried and we cried listening to them.  Sister Preston and Hope sang "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus" and it was so dear.  I love the name "Hope" and Hope Preston and I have the same birthday!  I think I better name one of my daughters "Hope" someday.  I just love being a missionary.

I'm so grateful for the way I've learned to look at people since I've been on my mission.  I'm learning to see who they can be instead of who they are.  I am learning to love the sinner and hate the sin and be compassionate.  I have lots to learn but New Zealand and the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ have taught me a lot  I am so blessed!

Have a wonderful week and keep pressing forward!  Read the Book of Mormon.  Seriously, just read it because it's the best book on earth.  Feed the missionaries, give them people to teach, and teach with them and you will be happy!


Sister Clarissa Johnson

Sunday, October 23, 2016

News from New Zealand!

Kia Ora!

So there's this magical, beautiful place with white sandy beaches and sparkling blue water and the weather is so perfect!  That place is Tauranga in October. :D  It's been amazing weather and it's been so fun.  The weather affects my mood, let me tell you!  Last Monday we hiked the Mount again.  I love it!  It was actually way hot though so that was crazy.  Then we had a high quality FHE/MCM with the Paamas and the Elders.  I sure love our Mount Ward mission team.

Tuesday we had rescue visits with us six missionaries.  We had six members out with us so we all split and had wonderful visits!  I sure love our Welcome Bay Ward mission team. (Except we don't have a ward mission leader at the moment.  Isaac is going to wander New Zealand with him mission friend in his green camper van so we are loners for now.)  We also FINALLY got our car fixed and it was the happiest day of my life.  Our car no longer makes any abnormal noises.

Wednesday we went on exchanges with the Te Puke sisters.  I went with Sister Reynolds.  She is so cool!  Her and Sister Lewis are both such country girls and they were so meant to be companions!  But we had a wonderful time and smashed the less active visits. We have so many wonderful less actives who are coming back to church.  It's really exciting.  We visited one though.  She's wonderful and 19 years old but after our great, spiritual lesson she said "Oh and I wanted to tell you.  I loved that scripture that you shared last time (Joshua 1:9) so much that I decided to get it as a tattoo!"  We didn't know what to say to that .  But other than that, she is doing great!

Chasidy is also doing great.  I just put so much mental energy into these people that I serve.  Alan and Caroline were gone to Rarotonga (is that how you spell that) all week and Sharee was gone for the long weekend (Labor Weekend here).  But I had such good talks with Sister Reynolds. I just always love exchanges.

Thursday we had interviews with President Cummings.  I woke up that morning and I just really felt like there was something that I needed to learn from interviews so I really went seeking.  I LOVE that man!  He is so inspired and good and kind.  It was a long interview and we just talked about everything.  I told him that I never want my mission to end and he said that it doesn't.  He said that everything that makes me successful here I can continue to do at home.  I will keep planning, studying, praying, serving others, and following the Spirit, so my mission will never end.  For some reason that really gave me a lot of comfort.  The gospel is perfect!  I just want to serve the Lord for the rest of my life and I get to.  It's amazing how my mission has changed me so much.  It's even changed my desires.  And I can just keep changing.

He also told me that if I can feel comfortable with my work at the end of each day I can know that God is pleased with me.  So like this week we had pretty low key indicators but I asked myself if I'd given my all this week and I realized that I had.  And I felt peace and comfort.  I feel like I'm getting to know my Heavenly Father better and better. 

Friday we had a cool miracle!  Brother Preston (who reminds me of you, Dad, in his missionary work/service habits) had another great referral for us!  Her name is Angela, she's a chiropractic client, and she's really keen to hear the gospel.  Hopefully that will go well.

Saturday was a crazy, crazy, crazy Sister Training Leader adventure day.  President called at like 12 and told me that I was going to be helping with an emergency transfer of some sisters.  So I ended up driving a sister up to Hamilton and bringing another sister back.  It was really an emotional thing and my heart really went out to all the sisters involved.  I just love them so.  But the place we were dropping them was . . . none other than Hamilton East!!!  So I got to see my old flat and stomping grounds and I got permission to go visit Auntie Kei and Ripeka again!  They are doing well.  It was so interesting to be there because lots has changed.  I talked to Brother Tichborne on the phone though and he's just the same.  He answered, "Captain, what's happening?"  I asked, "Do you know who this is?"  He said, "Of course I do.  There is only one Sister Johnson."  Well there is also only one Brother Tichborne.  But the wards changed boundaries and so now he is Ward Mission Leader in Claudelands Ward.  I realized that I was there almost a year ago.  Time just flies and before you know it, things will be different and life the way it is will just be a memory.  But it's also exciting.  Change is exciting.  But I learned a lot. 

And finally, yesterday was our musical number!  Elder Tahiata and I sang this song Bishop Crawford found for us, "My Soul Hungered".  It's a really good song and we harmonized.  I played the piano and he turned the pages and we both sang for both wards.  In Welcome Bay he was so nervous and dropped one of the pages.  Luckily it was on a long note so he hurried and picked it up and we kept going.  I just love music with all my heart.  It was so fun.

But it was a great week!  I love you all. :D  Do missionary work this week and you will be happy.

Sister Clarissa Johnson

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Crazy Life!

Kiora, kiora!

It has been, as usual, a really, really crazy week!  But first things first, my companion just got on her email and found out . . . she got into BYU!!!!  Hooray for that blessed place.  We are so excited and all the missionaries had a mini party in this internet cafĂ© when we found out!  But life is good.  It's getting warm and raining less . . .kind of! Haha And the work is moving right along.

Monday all the sisters hung out at the chapel and Sister Reynolds taught us line dances and Sister Tufariua taught us Tahitian dances.  (I'm a lot better at line dances!)  The only sad thing was that we had no music.  We did, however, sing the Cotton Eye Joe.  So that was fun.   That night we had a really good dinner/family home evening with Sister Cockrell (wonderful primary president from South Africa) and her daughter, Shayna.  Shayna had this amazing, spiritual experience and has decided to come back to church!  We talked all about the sacrament and it was way good.  That night the Gisborne sisters (who is now Sister Machen) stayed the night. 

So on Tuesday, I got to go to MLC (Mission Leadership Council) with Sister Machen.  That was great.  I sure love those!  I feel like every month the MLC group gets smaller.  It doesn't.  It's just that I know everyone.  And it's so fun to see all my favorite missionaries from my other areas who are there.  (I'm sad though.  I might never see Sister Urgel because she's in Taranaki . . .which is exciting!)  Anyway, the Mental Health Specialists for the Pacific were there and they gave the funniest training.  But it was really, really good and all about not having unhealthy perfectionism, getting along with companions, and emotions and stuff.  It was good for me because I have discovered that I am an unhealthy perfectionist in myself and I'm going to change!  Sister Welker and I have this thing where whenever we say something negative about ourselves, we tell each other to "rephrase" and then we have to say something nice or say it in a nice way.  It's really good for us.

Wednesday we had John again!  He's one of our star returning less actives. That's kind of been our thing lately. He has just been so eager to learn lately which is awesome.  And we bring Brother Solomon or Brother Kohu with us every week so that's really great.  Another star returning less active is Rangi!  She has been going to Mount Ward and wanted to just stay in Mount Ward.  Well Bishop worked on it and found out that to have ordinances done or get a calling, she needs to go to her own ward that she's in the boundaries for.  We were nervous to tell her, but she just said, "Oh yeah.  I kind of expected that.  I think that will be good.  I kind of received revelation that that was coming.  I want to just follow the plan the Lord has for me."  Isn't that cool?  And we have been teaching her eight year old daughter, Madison.  She is preparing to be baptized next Saturday!  But Wednesday night we had a CRAZY thing.  So we get home at like 9:25 and the power in our flat is off.  It's not off in the stairs up to our flat or the other flats, only ours.  We don't know what to do (I changed tenses here.  I hope that is permissible.) and so we called the Elders.  We ended up talking to two senior missionary Elders over flats and two different landlord people.  They were all telling us that we needed to find our fuse box.  They kept telling us to look certain places in our flat and they all kept asking "Are you really looking?" We promise.  We were really looking.  We only had our phone as a light but our flat is only so big and pretty soon we were sure that we didn't have a fuse box.  Finally our landlord said it was in the business downstairs.  It was just a mess and we finally ended up staying the night with the Te Puke sisters.  We FINALLY got it fixed the next day.  It was quite the adventure.

But Thursday was Zone Meeting.  I was stressed about my training as usual.  Haha But because Elder Fellingham is a single Zone Leader (he's training) he and I were it so we worked together on it quite a bit.  It ended up being about unity and was good I thought.  Even though I worry about them, I always really love giving trainings.  That afternoon we helped the Greerton Sisters with their baptism program.

Friday we had the hardest core, most effective weekly planning session of my life (probably).  Then we rushed to Te Puke to sing for a rest home there with the Te Puke sister and the elders.  It was SO fun!  Sister Lewis played her violin a little, Elder Tahiata had his guitar (he's really good and can harmonize so that's so fun) and I played the piano.  I just LOVE doing that. We had an amazing experience with Chasidy that night.  She has really been struggling with lots of things (lost her job, her grandpa passed away).  When I was in Greerton last week we had a lesson with their investigator, Shelton.  Brother Matenga was the member present.  So I met Brother Matenga when I first got to Tauranga on exchanges.  He wanted to come back to church but he had lots of challenges and concerns. Seeing him the other week, I realized how much he has changed!  He is active as, an on fire missionary, and just a different person!  But I had the thought that we really needed to bring him to meet Chasidy because he has a really similar conversion story.

But it's been crazy and it hadn't happened.  We finally had him set to come but then she cancelled.  But then that night she ended up calling us and saying that she needed us after all.  So we went over.  It was like 8:15 and we got there and I just felt so much that I needed to text Brother Matenga.  So I didn't even tell anyone I just texted and said, "I know this is crazy but if you want to, we are at Chasidy's right now, and you can come if you want."  So he did!  He shared just exactly what she needed to hear and just bore his testimony.  We were so happy!

Saturday was our big lesson with Sharee!  She is the on fire one that has been flying through the Book of Mormon who works with Brother Preston.  Well, she said something to him about how she needed to decide if she was going to get baptized and then the next day her sister showed her some anti Mormon stuff online.  So sad!  Satan is real, folks!  But so is God.  There just has to be opposition in all things.  We brought Sister Preston along and had a pretty good lesson.  I just can see so clearly that if she will just focus on the Book of Mormon and the basic doctrines of Christ, she will get her answer.  I really think that she is an honest seeker of truth.  She will find her way!  We fasted for her on Sunday.  But also, Saturday night was the baptism of Shelton in Greerton.  I'd been there to teach him twice on exchanges and it was so, so good to see him be baptized.  He was late though so I had to play prelude music for like 45 minutes!  But I sang and played "You Can Believe in Christ" for a musical number and everyone loved it.  I really just love singing so, so much!  And that night at like 9 I had to take another sister to the doctor for an allergic reaction.  But she's all good now!

Sunday we had both wards Ward Council at 7:30. (I go to one and my companion goes to the other). Then all the missionaries spoke in Welcome Bay.  I talked about repentance and then we all sang "Amazing Grace". Also, Brother Joyce in Mount Ward asked me to sing "Come Unto Jesus" for his Gospel Doctrine lesson and Bishop Crawford printed out music for this song called "My Soul Hungered".  It's so pretty and I'm going to probably do it next Sunday.  So fun!  I felt like we had missed seeing everyone at church because it had been General Conference.  I just love being with the saints.  Also, 3 of the 6 hours of church we went to were lessons on eternal marriage, so that was funny.  But we had our last MCM with Isaac last night.  We will get a new ward mission leader because he's going to go travel New Zealand with his mission friend in his green camper van before he goes back to the states. 

But life is good.  Sorry this email was just a travel log of my crazy week . . . mostly so I can remember it all for posterity.  Thanks for all the constant love and prayers and support.  A huge reason why I have a great mission is because I have great people across the world cheering me on . . .and a great Father in Heaven!  I am so grateful for the influence of the Spirit to help me though my crazy life!  Love you all heaps!


Sister Clarissa Johnson

Sunday, October 9, 2016

I'll Stay Where You Want Me To Stay, Dear Lord

Kiora, kiora!

This has been quite the rollercoaster of a week, but as you can see from my title, I'm still here in the blessed land of Tauranga.  It was transfer week so that's why it was so crazy, but good.  So I came in with Sister Aloka.  She was in my district in the MTC but she had been visa waiting before that in the Marshall Islands.  Anyway, she has finished.  Missions are the worst because your favorite friends keep going home.  So rude. :P  But we were in a trio for most of the week because we had Sister Aloka's companion, Sister Fina'i, with us.  We mostly worked in our area, but they have this great investigator getting baptized this coming Saturday so we got to go visit him. 

But it was just so good for us all to be together.  We kind of discovered that all three of us are fabulously excellent at being too hard on ourselves.  We have been trying to help each other to be kinder to ourselves and more confident.  It was just a really, really Spirit-filled few days.  It was sad though, because we had to say goodbye to Sister Toaripi, Sister Machen, and Elder Fameitau on Thursday.  Now I have been in Tauranga the longest.  Elder Fameitau was so jealous of me getting to stay.  I couldn't believe that I did but I know that the Lord needs me here!  I can't wait for the coming transfer to work so hard and give my all to the Lord. 

But our investigators are doing really well and so are our less actives especially!  It's just so fun to see and help people come back to church.  A lot of them have been busy watching General Conference which is so great! Also, we are excited to baptize our hearts out (hopefully) in the coming transfer.  Sharee is on fire!  We had a "cottage evening" that wasn't at a cottage, but at the BEACH!  We had a bonfire and roasted marshmallows and it was so fun.  But Sharee and her whole family came. 

We have really been focusing on Chasidy lately!  She has been struggling so much.  Opposition is so, so real!  But she is definitely making progress and promised to come to church on Sunday.  She is such a powerful, elect daughter of God.  She has such a strong testimony and she knows what she needs to do.  I just get so invested and I care so much about these people.  The longer I know them, the more I love them.

But the highlight of the week was definitely General Conference!!!!  So, so, so, so, so, so good.  I feel like I was just hanging on every word.  It was all just talking right to me.  I am so grateful to be a member of this true church of Jesus Christ.  I just love my Savior and feel like I am getting closer and closer to him.  I have been thinking a lot about the principle of repentance and then it was talked about so much in Conference.  I love the connection between repentance and joy.  Repentance is not the back-up plan. Repentance is the plan.  And it's a perfect plan.  The more we repent and change and become better through Jesus Christ, the more joy we can feel!

So, unfortunately, my companion had a lot of computer problems and so I'm really short on time.  I've had the most spiritual couple of weeks and I wish I could adequately describe how I feel.  I just know without a doubt that Heavenly Father is real and so is Jesus Christ.  I'm so blessed!

We have three brand new missionaries in our district now. :D  Sister Welker isn't the youngest anymore.  Also, Elder Bowman who double covered here before is now the new assistant!  Crazy!  I am so old.  Haha

But I just feel all this urgency to do the Lord's work.  I love the hymn "The Time is Far Spent" and it's even written by my favorite, Eliza R. Snow.  We have to make the very most of the time we have been blessed with to do God's work.  I love you all so much!


Sister Johnson :D 

Monday, October 3, 2016

Exchanges, and Lip Syncs, and Conference! Oh, My!

Kiora Whanau,

I love, love, love you all!  So much has happened this week.  I'm so grateful for the things I've learned spiritually this week. I'm so grateful for the chance to serve and follow the Spirit. We went on mini exchanges with the Te Puke and Otumoetai sisters and full exchanges with the Greerton Sisters. It's amazing how Heavenly Father puts me where I need to be. We had already started one of our exchanges and we had already switched into our areas and I had one of the sisters with me in my area. But then I just, out of the blue, felt that I needed to swap and go with the other. I felt really dumb because we'd already started and driven and packed our clothes and what have you, but I called them anyway and we came back. I went with the other sister and it was the best exchange of my life, hands down! We had the most powerful lesson with their investigator that I'd been in for a long time. Then that night, this sister confided in me that she has really been struggling. She said that she hadn't told anyone and that she'd been praying for two weeks that I would go with her on exchanges, but didn't say anything. We had such a great talk about how God feels about us, and the doctrine of Christ. It was a lifechanging experience for both of us.

It also made me reflect a lot on my commitment to follow Jesus Christ. I am so imperfect and sometimes I really beat myself up over my weaknesses and even sometimes things I can't control. We've set goals to give a more perfect, consecrated sacrifice every single day.

But we also had . . . . the Mount Lip Sync!  It was so funny.  Oh my goodness.  I love the Mount Ward.  There were a BUNCH of Young Men and a couple of older people and the missionaries.  We had our number to the parody of the Adele song, "Hello" which I've never actually heard the real words to.  But it's about knocking on doors and getting rejected "Hello from the outside, at least we can say that we tried".  And then at the last door, we are let in and it's "Hello from the inside!" But we put all this funny stuff into it and Brother Paama (our ward mission leader) dressed up with a pink bathrobe and a wig slammed the door.  And the Elders came and mowed the lawn and Sister Welker started crying and I had to comfort her.  It was really fun.  But then this Lip Sync needed more numbers so we did some impromptu joke telling (Sister Welker) and opera singing (me).  It was quite the night. 

All of our people are really doing well, especially our less actives!  We have four less actives that have come back to church recently who are all on fire!  We've been bringing members with us to see them and they have been all doing great.  I know that saving a member's soul is just as important and of value as having a baptism!  Ka pai, ka pai!

Our investigator Sharee is also doing so well!  Bishop Arthur had her family over for FHE and dinner on Monday and Sister Arthur came with us to see her on Saturday.  She is so smart and capable and we just teach her at this high level that I've never taught an investigator at before.  I love it though!  She has finished 2 Nephi and has been watching Conference online already (without us even telling her to)! 

We have been really trying to find new investigators with not much luck unfortunately!  But we got to watch the Women's Session last night and I LOVE President Uchtdorf's talk.  It made me cry (what a surprise)!  I want to be the missionary that doesn't give up after the first floor.  I want to knock all the way to the fourth floor, last door!  I also want to keep working on my "bedrock understanding of the doctrine of Christ".  I have been really focusing on the doctrine of Christ lately . . . faith, repentance, baptism, the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end.  It's such a simple plan but it is so much to be internalized.  I keep getting layers of it deeper.  It truly comes "line upon line and precept upon precept".  So cool!

Saturday was the one year anniversary of Sister Solomon and her group feeding the homeless.  We had a cake and had everyone gather around and she had me sing "Love One Another".  It was really cool.  I just love those homeless with all my heart!  Compassion is truly a gift from God that I've been given on my mission.  And I just LOVE Sister Solomon.  We went to visit Chasidy that night afterwards and we took Sister Solomon with us.  We've been so worried about Chasidy.  She's so good but has been really, really struggling and we, and everyone else, can't get ahold of her.  Anyway, sadly she still wasn't home but we had the BEST talk with Sister Solomon.  I feel like the Te Puke Sisters (especially Sister Lewis), we, and Sister Solomon just lean on each other so much.  When one is down we help them up and then the next time they help us up.  That's how the gospel is supposed to be.  What a blessing it is to have fellow travelers through our lives.

But this morning was a sad, sad moment!  Sister Aloka (who I was in the MTC with) Visa waited in the Marshall Islands before she came to New Zealand.  So she is finishing her mission this week . . . along with Sister Pulotu (my last companion) and Sister Aldridge (my dear mother on the mission).  But I have gotten so close with her over these 16 months and I just can't believe how time flies.  The work truly is hastening because Satan is hastening.  We can't waste a moment in doing this work because that moment will be gone forever.

Anyway, everyone has been all talking about transfers all the time (they are this Thursday) and I'm just in denial.  I've convinced myself I will finish my mission in Tauranga, but it's not very likely.  Plus Sister Welker is officially driver certified by yours truly!  Haha I'm an excellent driving coach and tester!  But really, she is so ready to lead the area.  I just love her so much.  I love all the missionaries, members, investigators, and people in this town!  But I already know that Heavenly Father knows.  He's so in control and inspires the transfer news.  Wherever He wants me to go, I will go and serve my hardest!

I love you all!  Sorry my emails are always so, so super long!  Just keep going, don't be mean to yourself, and share the gospel!


Sister Clarissa Johnson