Sunday, September 4, 2016

Spring Has Sprung

Kia ora, kia ora!  

I remember using this same subject title last spring!  How time flies. This week was wonderful!  Sister Welker and I are officially best friends.  She really is so much like me when it comes to missionary work.  We had a great week.  We found five new investigators, invited our investigator Cindy to be baptized, and had a great cottage evening.  We set it up with a member family and Chasidy, Caroline, and Alan came.  They really liked it.  We played a game kind of like telephone but on paper where you have to draw what people have written and then write what the last one drew and the pictures change.  It was so funny and everyone loved it.  Then we related it to how the doctrines were changed during the great apostasy and we shared the Restoration.  The Spirit was so strong.

It's so fun to be training.  It makes me realize just how much I've learned on my mission.  It's doesn't feel like very long ago when I was the brand new one that didn't know what was going on.  I love serving!  Sister Welker and I just talk and talk and love to analyze situations and we've been working so hard and effectively.  It's just so fun.

We had a cool miracle this week.  We took Precious out with us to visit our Samoan returning less active (the one who blessed her baby).  She ended up not being home so we decided to take her to see this other less active family, the McKinnons.  Well it turns out that Precious was BEST friends with Saskia McKinnon in elementary school.  They cried when they saw each other and Saskia (she's 18 and has two kids and no man in her life anymore . . .she lives with her parents) said, "Well then, I have to come back to church.  Precious, you can help me.  Let's have a family home evening together next week."  Well our favorite, dear member is Sister Rudo and she's Saskia's grandma.  When she fed us, we told her the story and she started crying and just hugged me so tight.  Heavenly Father totally wanted us to visit them at that time when we had Precious with us.  He is so good!  

Our investigator Harmony in the Mount Ward is doing great.  She's been reading the Book of Mormon HEAPS!  She didn't come to church though so we need to help her with that.  There are just lots of new, budding people for us to work with here.  

I love this gospel!  I love learning it.  Even though I've done 12 week (the program for new missionaries) three times already, I'm not tired of it on my fourth time.  There is always so much to learn!

Have a great week!  I will, because the weather is BEAUTIFUL!


Sister Clarissa Johnson :D

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