Sunday, August 28, 2016

I'm Staying!!! and Training!

Kia ora, kia ora!!!

First of all, I'm very, very sorry!  I'm super short on time.  This has been a crazy week.  But Sister Pulotu is gone!  I can't believe it.  I had to drive the sisters back to Rotorua on Tuesday and President Cummings called and asked if I would like to train.  (Of course I said yes.)  And he said that he really felt that we would get along so well.  So now here I am with Sister Welker.  She's from Riverton, Utah.  She went to a year of UVU and she wants to be a news reporter someday.  She's the oldest of four kids.  She is not homesick at all and is adjusting really well to missionary life.  She has lots of ideas and is super organized.  In lots of ways she is the polar opposite of my last two, late-in-their-mission Tongan companions.  But it's great.  We both love to analyze life and we talk a lot.  She will be amazing. 

We are kind of in a new phase in the work.  We've had a crazy time for like the last whole transfer but now we are back to finding and teaching and rebuilding.  There is so much to do and so many miracles to see!  We have been getting HEAPS of referrals from the members.  They really trust us I feel like.  Everyone was so happy I stayed and the Brother Preston called me a "legend".  I don't quite think that's true, but that was nice.  It's starting to get a little warmer-ish (when it's not raining. . . it's been raining a lot).  But we are having a cottage evening tonight at a member's house.  Hopefully a lot of people come! 

I am seriously so, so sorry that is so short.  (Don't kill me, mom!)  I was busy reading about Desi at BYU!  So fun.

But I still love my mission heaps!  (Of course)  Tauranga is the place to be.


Sister Johnson

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