Sunday, July 24, 2016


Kia Ora Whanau,

Hope you are all doing swell!  Also happy Pioneer Day! :D  This week I've been around a lot of amazing modern pioneers.  I'll tell you about each of them.

1.  Chasidy-- Chasidy is such a hero.  She is not drinking still and working with the bishop to prepare to get her patriarchal blessing.  She has changed so much since she was baptized.  She is so good and strong and just wants to take the gospel and run with it all of her life.  She also wants to share it with all of her family.  She says that she just wishes everyone was a member of the church.

2.  Erena--Erena is our investigator that is dying of kidney failure.  I just feel like I knew her in the pre-existence.  She is so good.  We explained to her that she needs to either get married or separate from Victor.  That was hard for her but she prayed all night and decided that she wants to be baptized no matter what and that she wants to get married! But now Victor doesn't want to get married anymore because some of Erena's family doesn't like him.  I know that it's just Satan working and that things will come right!  Heavenly Father is so real and EVERY single time we try to do something good, Satan tries to stop it.  And the more valiant and committed we are, the more he tries to stop us.  But Heavenly Father is in control and is all powerful! 

3.  All the sister missionaries around me--I am so blessed to be surrounded by amazing sisters!  They are all so good and obedient.  They all are going through different hard things though.  I have done a whole lot of praying, counseling, fasting, studying, thinking, helping, teaching, and loving this week for the other sisters and the different things they are struggling with. 

4.  Sister Solomon--She is our star member who totally changed her life around three years ago and stopped doing drugs, etc.  She got married and baptized and is now the most Christlike person ever.  She's the one we feed the homeless with every week.  She came with us to see Erena and she is so perfect to fellowship her.  She is also so, so excited to take the role of wedding planner for Erena!  I'm so excited! 

5.  Kirsty and Caroline--They are so wonderful and Caroline has been coming to church and learning so faithfully!  Kirsty is a great example.  They are also facing a lot of adversity.  I pray for them so much too.  But they are just always so patient and so kind no matter what happens to them.

6.  Sister Pulotu--Poor Sister Pulotu has been sick almost all week.  I've had to go on mini exchanges with other sisters so that we can still teach our important lessons.  She has been really good about never complaining.  It's no fun to be sick on a mission. 

But we've really had an awesome week.  I think of Neill Marriot’st (she is my hero) talk about "Building the Kingdom through Nurturing".  I feel kind of like a mother who is responsible for all these dear children (or sister missionaries and investigators and recent converts).  I just love them all so much and want them to succeed!  Service really is the way to lose ourselves to find ourselves.  That is such a true principle.  I just never want to leave this area or this country.  I love it so much!

The church is so true.  The gospel is so good and it literally transforms people.  There are no such thing as bad people.  There are only children of God that haven't been transformed yet and that need help getting there.  That is what we are for.  We truly are His hands.  I love you all so much!  Kia kaha and kia ngawari!


Sister Clarissa Johnson :D 

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