Sunday, June 12, 2016

Hello! Hello!


The sun is FINALLY shining in the Bay of Plenty! :D  It has been pouring rain this whole week.  I, unfortunately don't have too much time because I've been too busy looking at good old Wells High graduation pictures!  But it has been great. 

Tuesday was MLC (Mission Leadership Counsel).  I love that place!  We had to wake up SO darn early to get there, but we made it.  The Zone Leaders drive so fast, but we kept up with them, barely.  But it was President and Sister Rudd's last MLC.  Elder and Sister McGregor compiled this big binder of letters sent in from all the missionaries and presented it to them.  I say this all the time, but I just love those two!  And it's always so fun to see all my missionary friends!  I just know all the Zone Leaders/Sister Training Leaders now.  It's sad though because I know almost everyone going home now every transfer so it's always sad to say goodbye.  I was so happy because Sister Flake was there so we got to hang out and say goodbye before she leaves next transfer.  But luckily, we will see each other back in the Americas.

Something crazy happened though.  Because President is going home he is taking away all the extra stuff that he did for our mission.  We no longer have to keep track of our "talking with everyone" and send it in with our numbers.  Also, he ripped up the protocol page!  It has been so weird.  I realized that I appreciated those rules more than I realized.  All of a sudden we can listen to music in the car, do hand signs in pictures, and spend preparation days with Elders and Sisters.  I feel like the protocols were like the Law of Moses and now we are given the higher law.  I just hope that our mission can be trusted with it.  I've been thinking a lot about obedience.  I actually gave my training at Zone Meeting about obedience.  We learned at MLC from Elder McGregor (who used to work at church headquarters) that they did this big study and found out which topics were taught most often in General Conference.  Well it turns out that the most often taught principle by apostles and prophets, by far, is obedience.  It truly is the first law of heaven and it brings so many blessings.  I love sharing Mosiah 4:31 with people.  It's about the "blessed and happy state of those that keep the commandments of God".  Of course we will still have trials, but it will be easier because we have our foundation rooted on Christ and his gospel.

We have been working hard to take members out with us more.  We took three YSA girls out with us this week and had such a fun time with them!  One even came to feed the homeless with us.  She's 18 and is so excited to serve a mission and her name (like Sister Pantoja) is Precious.  We also have been really focusing on helping our investigators keep commitments.  We invited two people to be baptized this week.  They are still working towards it but we are helping them with their concerns so hopefully they will be ready soon.  But this is the best news ever . . . Chasidy came to church!!!  I was so, so excited! 

We had Elder Thompson of the Seventy in Mount Ward this week.  Precious and I harmonized and sang "You Can Believe in Christ" and I played the piano.  It was so, so fun!  Having a musical number to work on keeps me going in life! :D

But I'm afraid I have to go.  I love you all.  I'm so grateful for wonderful members that help us with the missionary work, feed us, and make us feel loved.  Make sure to take good care of the missionaries near you.  Go out and do missionary work with them and you will have an amazing experience.  Keep reading the Book of Mormon every single day.  It will work miracles in your life. 

The church is true!  It just is and the Holy Ghost will witness it to you if you don't know it yet or even if you do.

I love you all!  Kia kaha!  Kia Ngawari! 


Sister Clarissa Johnson

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  1. Love you Clarissa! Love your example to all of us here, love your enthusiasm and your love for what you're doing! Keep it up girl, you're awesome!