Sunday, June 5, 2016

Happy Queen's Birthday

Kia ora!

So it's the Queen's birthday in these parts! (Well kind of.  They celebrate it on the first Monday of June so it's close enough.)  But life is good.  First of all . . .here's an unfortunate thing.  I am not actually training.  False alarm!  Silly Elder Fameitau (Zone Leader) told me that I would be training but it was miscommunication.  The Assistants asked them who would be good in their zone to train and they said, "Sister Johnson".  But it wasn't actually a for sure thing like they made it sound.  So that's kind of too bad.  But I was excited to hear from Kelly in New Plymouth just now that there will be a brand new sister coming to New Plymouth.  That will be good.

But luckily . . .my new companion is Sister Pulotu! :D  I love her.  I couldn't believe it when I heard the news.  When I was in Hamilton East, she was in Claudelands and we were so close.  She gave me my stuffed dog named Provo, because she wanted to go to BYU with me someday.  Well, now we are companions!  She only has three months of her mission left.  If I stay here two more transfers I will be her last companion!  I guess killing Tongans is my specialty!  Haha (That sounds really bad if you don't understand it.  Oh well!)

But it was crazy week!  I stayed with the Greerton Sisters until Thursday and we had the BEST time.  I just love them both.  It was especially wonderful to be with Sister Urgel again.  She is so cute!  We are such kindred spirits and laugh together all the time.  I feel like I know all of the people they are working with now!  They have a great area . . . even though their flat is really old and SO freezing cold!  It's been really cold this week.  Sad. . . winter is coming!

But then on Thursday I brought Sister Pulotu back to our area and started introducing her to everyone.  Too bad it's a long weekend though.  A lot of people have been gone.  But we are excited to focus more on the members this transfer!  We are going to teach them, ask them for referrals, and take them out with us.  It's so nice that everyone wants to feed us, but we'd rather have a good referral than a good feed.  So all of you member missionaries out there remember that!  You are not there to help the missionaries with their work.  They are there to help you with yours.  "Every member a missionary!"

Poor Kathy though!  She got her big shoulder surgery today and she's been so, so miserable so that's sad.  But we just have wonderful members!

I LOVE feeding the homeless on Saturdays. We do it every week and I know all their names and I just feel so good making them feel like someone in the world cares about them.  I feel like they all really like me!  Sister Solomon . . . and Brother Solomon are such saints! 

Yesterday was crazy!  We did the marathon church from 7:30 Ward Council until the end of Mount Ward at 4.  I bore my testimony in both wards.  Did primary singing time with no notice in Welcome Bay (but it was fun), played the piano in Mount sacrament meeting and Relief Society, sang a solo with no notice in Welcome Bay Relief Society, and taught gospel principles in Mount.  I was fasting and felt really sick by the end.  I think I just have a cold so hopefully I will be feeling better soon.  I have to be healthy for MLC tomorrow. :D 

We rearranged and cleaned our flat so beautifully today!  And we have a cottage evening at the Preston's tonight and hopefully lots of people will come.  Their other Sam just got off his mission last night so that's exciting!  Melissa and her girls are coming so I'm really happy about that.

Speaking of Melissa, the best part of my week was hearing her bear her testimony in sacrament.  She leaned over twice and asked me what the word for certain things were.  (The words were "convert" and "Relief Society".)  She was nervous, but she got up and bore the sweetest testimony.  She is progressing so much.  Sometimes we look for miracles in the wrong places.  The progress a cute little family of two daughters and their mother is a huge miracle!  They have been coming to church every week and doing family prayers morning and night.  I love them so much! Missions are sure the best!

This week, I have been thinking a lot about the Holy Ghost again.  I have been trying to always be evaluating myself to notice if I have the Spirit with me.  It is such a priceless gift from our Heavenly Father. 

I love you all!  Happy graduation to Deseret and all the other lovely class of 2016! 


Sister J

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