Sunday, March 13, 2016

Miracles Happen. . . Once in a While

Hello lovely people,

In reference to my title, do you know that song?  I keep singing that line because miracles keep happening to us!  I have had such a good week.  I feel like all seeds we've been planting during the last two transfers are finally really starting to grow.  Maureen is moving to Wellington, and poor Ainsley and Freedim haven't been home because their dad has been drunk and not making the best choices.  But, we had a new miracle . . . Her name is Victoria.  She's 21 and she was a referral from the Visitor Center.  She just randomly stopped there because she thought the temple looked pretty and didn't know what it was.  She loved it and we have taught her two lessons.  It's amazing the difference it makes when you find someone who is truly prepared for the gospel.  The spirit is so, so strong with her.  She has always felt that it is really important to have a strong relationship with God even though she hasn't had any religion in her life.  But she said that she just knows that something is missing and she thinks that it is spiritual.  She has been reading the Book of Mormon and said that if God tells her that it is true, she will be baptised, the sooner the better!  

When we got out of our first lesson with her I just couldn't contain my joy!  And when she walked into sacrament meeting I was so happy again.  I feel like God is so good to give us a miracle like this.  She truly has been kept from the truth because she knew not where to find it.  I feel humbled to teach her.  And she is even coming to our preparation day movie watching extravaganza with the other sisters.  We are so excited! 

Also this week, we went on an emergency exchange with some other sisters.  I'm so glad we did.  They are learning to compromise and work together but they are both such great missionaries.  Sometimes companionships are just hard and you really have to work to get along.  But they are doing so much better now.  I'm so glad I get to go on lots of exchanges now.  Exchanges are so fun and I always learn so much from the other sisters. Also, Sister Watson is just doing so great.  I'm so glad that we are companions.  The Lord really is inspired.  She has such a testimony and desire to serve.  

So we've been wanting to have a Meet the Mormons movie night for a while and it finally happened this week!  My favorite less active (who's actually not even less active anymore . . . Hooray) came with her family.  Her name is Skye and she's just great.  She has two kids and she's the best mom!  I just love their family.  They told me that they will come to my wedding.  I said ok! :) 

So yesterday was a crazy day! We had to organize lots of people's rides to church, Sister Watson spoke, and we taught Relief Society.  We taught out of the Howard W. Hunter book about Joseph Smith.  We showed the 20 minute movie about Joseph Smith and everyone cried when we were talking afterward.  I told an experience from the Nauvoo Pageant.  I'm so grateful for my testimony of the Restoration.  So many people just don't realize that there's more out there!  I think of that crazy Anti-Mormon guy from a couple months ago.  Emma says that she doesn't talk to him because he is so addicted to drugs still.  I compare the way I felt when he was doing the church to the way I felt during our Relief Society lesson.  Two different worlds.  I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet and that the church of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth in these latter days.  I just know it.  

I'm just so grateful for the gospel this week!

I just really love my mission.  I wish every person on earth could have the opportunity to serve a mission.

Sister Johnson

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