Sunday, February 28, 2016

Happy Leap Year!

Hello There!

So I am so sad!  I just wrote the LONGEST great email about my week and somehow it is just gone!  I can't find it my drafts or sent or trash or anything.  Sometimes I so hate technology.  Now I'm pretty low on time, but I will try to rewrite it the best I can. 

Anyway, this week was CRAZY!!!!  Transfer weeks always are crazy.  It was really good though.  Sister Pantoja is gone to South Auckland and is with Sister Katipunan, another Filipina!  They are going to have so much fun together.  She was so happy when she found out.  It was sad for her to say goodbye since she's been here six months.  I hated saying goodbye to her.  She was like my older sister and I loved being her companion.  She's such a good missionary!  But all week we were back and forth to the bus stop seeing missionaries off and picking them up.  And we had lots of sisters staying in our flat different nights which was really fun!  A lot of changes happened in our zone.  It's fun to be in a such a close, unified zone where everyone is so good, but it's hard when people leave.  It was especially sad sending Elder Fagaloia off back to American Samoa.  But all the new missionaries are great.  We have two brand new Elders which is fun.

My new companion came late Thursday night.  Her name is Sister Watson.  She was in my district in Glenview and we always gave her and her companion a ride places because they didn't have a car.  She is from Tasmania, Australia.  It will be a good transfer with her! 

Also, on Thursday afternoon after Sister Pantoja was already gone I got a call from the assistants asking me to be the Sister Training Leader in Taranaki!  I was so humbled because there are lots of super wonderful sisters in our zone but I'm really, really excited.  I said yes I would.  So I get to go up to Hamilton later today for MLC (Missionary Leadership Counsel) for Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders.  Poor Sister Watson has a cold and needed to stay home so Sister Flake is coming with me instead and we are exchanging for the day.  Sister Flake and I were probably best friends in the pre-existence so we are really excited! 

We have two wonderful progressing investigators that I don't have time to tell you about.  So sad!  But I just love being a missionary so, so much!  Life is great!

So much love!!!

Sister Clarissa Johnson :D

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