Sunday, August 16, 2015

I Met David Archuleta. . . and Other Everyday Mission Happenings


So last Monday night I dreamed that I met David Archuletta.  Well, two days later the Elders called and told us that we are having a surprise mission conference with Brad Wilcox and David Archuletta!  I thought they were joking but it was true!  So my dream literally came true on Thursday.  What's more, Sister Rudd called and asked if I'd lead the music at the meeting and play prelude music.  I was super excited to lead the music and totally terrified to play the piano!  I drove the Claudeland Sisters and Sister Namariel up to Auckland and no one died.  

But they had me start playing about half an hour before the meeting started.  ALL the missionaries were there and they told them all to sit quietly and study.  So they all sat quietly and listened to me play the piano for ages!  And the worst was that I knew that David Archuletta would walk in at any second.  Well he finally walked in when I had strategically planned to play "Near My God to Thee" so that was exciting.  I'm getting better and better and improvising hymns to make them sound prettier.  It was still terrifying though.  I LOVED leading the music and I sang out nice and loud so David (who was about five feet from me) could hear my voice.  Haha but he sounded great! It was just so exciting.  He is also so humble and good.  He's a great example of serving a mission.  He and Brad Wilcox said exactly what I needed to hear.  The small and simple things we do are enough.  They add up to great things!  

So that was wonderful!  Sister Namariel is doing well.  She is really improving quickly with her English.  I have learned that I really need to talk slower to her to not confuse her.  I am learning so much.  It's starting to get a little warmer and stays lighter longer here which is exciting!   

There's some quote that says, "Everything's hard until it becomes easy."  I love that.  Walking used to be hard for me.  Reading used to be hard for me.  But then those things got easier as I gained experience and learned.  I am learning so much on my mission, especially when things are hard!

Sorry that I send so many quotes.  I just like them I guess.  Also sorry that this email is so short.  I love you all.  Keep on keeping on!


Sister Clarissa Johnson

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