Sunday, July 26, 2015

Yikes! Clarissa has Lice!

Hello Everyone!

I am short on time . . . imagine that, but I'm doing absolutely amazing!  I can really feel the love and prayers from you all.  I have so many amazing people in my life.

Well I have exciting news . . . I have lice!  Haha, it's actually not exciting but it feels like such a "missionary" thing to have happen.  And it's nasty because I don't just have lice.  I also have nits.  Last night we were at an investigator's house reading the Book of Mormon with their family when I pulled this gross bug out of my hair.  Then a couple minutes later I found another one!  Luckily no one saw, but I was totally stressed.  It's really handy that Sister Aldridge had lice/nits two months ago and we still have all the lice removal supplies!  So that's pretty much a big adventure for me. 

This week I learned a lot about trusting in the Lord. It's amazing how real God is.  He cares about the little details of our lives.  He wants to bless us.  Everything he does is for us.  I've been working on my personal relationship with the Lord a lot.  I want him to be my best friend, my biggest confidant.   

We've been working a lot on getting the ward members more involved in the work and this week it finally all came together.  We have three members come out with us to certain lessons with investigators we thought they'd be friends with.  That was awesome!  And we found ten new investigators this week!  That is so many!  And it wasn't our doing so much as the Lord's.  He truly is preparing people for the message.  The Uni also helps.  

So I've discovered the beauty of the Ensign.  I'd never read one cover to cover until this week and I loved it!  I also finished Our Heritage which I also loved.  I just can never get enough personal study.  I always thought that I'd get bored with studying the gospel for an hour every day, but I don't at all.  It always goes by too fast.  There is always more to learn/remember/work on.  

Ripeka is doing awesome and we've started teaching her mom, Auntie Kei.  EVERYONE calls her Auntie Kei (Kay) and she is the nicest person on the planet.  Under "saint" in the dictionary there is a picture of her.  She has definitely been prepared for the missionaries!  She doesn't want to be forced into baptism because we keep asking her about it :P, but she is getting so close.  She LOVES the Book of Mormon and says she can't put it down.  She is pretty much the best investigator ever.  We've met with her every day this week and on Friday we watched the Restoration movie with her and Ripeka.  After it was over, we all just sat in silence basking in the spirit.  We started talking about the church and the restoration and all four of us started crying.  Auntie Kei said that reading the Book of Mormon has brought her and Ripeka closer together.  

The only problem with Auntie Kei is how much she feeds us!  I'm going to be a million pounds if we keep teaching her.  But she's great!

I have heaps more stories but can't write them for time.  I just know that God is mindful of all of us.  He loves us so much!  We can become like him. 


Sister Johnson :)

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