Monday, June 8, 2015

Clarissa's District

Hi.  I only have like 25 minutes to write.  Yesterday we had a long time to write handwritten letters and I wrote six pages (like twice what everyone else wrote about every little thing here.


I'm stressed because I have so much to say and don't have time to say it.  Someday when my handwritten letter comes that will be good!  And hopefully I'll get more time to write in the field.  But I love it here!!!!! President and Sister Gibson are really strict.  It's good though.  I LOVE my district so much.  I sent them too.  I hope that worked.  But the top row is the Zone Leaders from Australia, Elder Mahoney, and from NZ, Elder Fitzpatrick.  Then the District Leaders are Elder Faalelei from Australia and Elder Vuruya from Fiji.  Then there is me.  I look so dorky in these pictures, but oh well.  Then there's the threesome, Sisters Tonga'onevia, Aloka, and Santos.  Finally, my companion, Sister Ye.  I love her!!!! :)  She is so sweet and good and kind and wonderful.  She is still learning English and she asks me words all the time but I learn a lot more from her about the Spirit.  Sorry, it's going to be even shorter  because I had to help her with her email address.  It wasn't working for a long time, but she has it now!  So my district LOVES to sing and so does like EVERYONE here!  It's so much fun.  We sing, and especially all the Elders can harmonize so well.  During exercise time we have started a singing/walking club!  It's the best.  No one exercises too hard, although I play basketball yesterday and that was intense and super fun. 


So many missionaries here struggle with English but they are all so good and humble.  I play the piano a lot for meetings.  So Elder Wong made it.  He is here and it's so good to have someone else from America!  Me and him are the only two with American accents.  Sister Loefke is here too.  She speaks with a kind of British/Australian accent because she wants to blend in.  Some of the Sisters call me Sister Happy!  That's probably illegal because we aren't supposed to use nicknames, but it makes me happy.  I just love everyone here so much.  It's only been like five days, but I don't want to leave these wonderful people.  I'm so glad though.  Sister Aloka and Sister Ye are serving in Hamilton like me. 


So there are seven missionaries here that haven't been through the temple.  Three are in our district!  Sisters Santos and Aloka and Elder Vuruya.  Becuase they have a threesome, I get to be Sister Santo's escort on Thursday!  I am so humbled to have that opportunity.  I'm excited.


Finally, yesterday was the best day here in the MTC!  Sister Ye and I studied and planned and worked hard to teach our "investigator" Veronica.  We have really been learning how to use the Spirit.  Well we taught her by the Spirit and it was unlike anything I've ever experienced.  We taught her about the Book of Mormon and how she can pray to know that it's true!  Everyone was crying and even though Sister Ye's (pronounced Yeh) English wasn't perfect, she had the Spirit.  I LOVE the Book of Mormon.  We read it together as a district with specific concerns and struggles in mind and as we read all of my questions were answered.  The church is true!  It really is. 


Tragically, I only have 1:37 left to email so I have to go. :(  I love you all so very much.  Please don't forget to share the gospel and read the scriptures with the Spirit. 


So much love,


Sister Johnson


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