Monday, June 8, 2015

Arrival in New Zealand

We don't have very much time.  I'm sitting in a room and I'm the only American here.  Everyone is Samoan and Tongan and most of them can't speak very good English.  I am so excited.  The flight was #terrible!!! It was 15.5 hours all together and I thought it would never end.  Luckily, the Air New Zealand flight was fancier than Delta and the ceiling was really high.  There were 10 across a row with two aisles.  I had an aisle seat. 
There is a new MTC President here, President Gibson.  He is from Austrailia I think.  There are two missionaries from Australia.  Everything is so different here.  The time change was weird.  This day has last forever.  Also there were like 18 hours of darkness so the night also lasted forever.  The toilets flush weird, we drive on the other side of the road, the flight attendants collected rubbish, and I have an accent.  How crazy is that!?
I was happy when I got here but NOT enthused.  My hair was greasy and I looked terrible and all I wanted was to take a shower.  I finally got to take one and unpack all my stuff.  It was raining super hard this morning but the sun is shining now.  Mom, you would die here.  It's cold inside. I like it, but it's different from our hot house! 
Everyone is finishing their emails and I'm still here.  Ugh!  I have so much to tell.  Luckily I can type fast.  I'm just excited to share the gospel. I'm tired and overwhelmed.  (And Sister Gibson whispered to me that my skirt was too short after I changed.  I'd forgotten to wear my skirt extender dealio. Only one other sister had seen me but I felt SUPER dumb, but other than that, things are great. 
I always used to judge missionaries on their hurried, rambly emails, but now I get it.  Sorry!
But my companion will be Sister Ye from Taiwan.  I don't think she's here yet, but when President Gibson interviewed me he said she is a seminary graduate and really wonderful.  She looks really cute in her picture.
So I keep on struggling to introduce myself.  I say I'm Cla-. . . .Sister Johnson.  The very first time during breakfast some Elder introduced himself to me as Elder whatever and I said, "I'm Cla . . .Elder . . . I mean Sister Johnson.  I struggle. I'm a dork, but I'll figure it out. 
We are going to the temple on Thursday and we can take pictures there.  We aren't allowed to before then. 
The best moment was when I walked in the building, dead tired, out of the pouring rain with my all my luggage (I have more stuff than like anyone else, I feel bad) and I saw a picture of Christ and they were greeting me and then Sister Gibson gave me my nametag.  I am a missionary!  I'm just itching to share the gospel.   
I love you all so much!
Sister Johnson <3 <3 <3

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