Thursday, May 28, 2015

I'm Going on an Adventure

 This is how I feel! And it's appropriate because the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings were filmed in New Zealand. I leave in five days for the biggest adventure of my life. I can't wait to serve the people of New Zealand and the Lord for the next year and a half. I will still email out my weekly updates but I will also put them here so I can keep them in one place.  I'm so blessed that everything is working out. My Visa came in the mail today and it's official. I am going to the New Zealand MTC!



 P.S. I named this blog "Called to Swerve" because I am not the best driver. (It took me four tries to pass my drivers test.) Now I am going to bike and drive in New Zealand where the lanes are switched and you drive on the other side of the road. I will do my fair share of swerving!

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  1. I am adding this to my list of blogs I read. I am thrilled to follow your adventures. (Drive carefully!)